We’ve Moved!

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One Response to We’ve Moved!

  1. Richard Meyer says:

    Happy New Year!

    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your article on the Buckmark with the tactical solutions barrell and the Gemtech supressor!!! You have me all set to order my parts now to emulate your weapon! I was especially impressed with the technical aspect of the 4 inch barrel preventing a supersonic bullet – I would not have thought of that!!!

    Many thanks!

    Can you hook me up with Gemtech for a mil discount on the supressor and/or Tactical Solutions as I am an USAF active duty fighter pilot?

    One last thing… what the HELL was Browning thinking when they made this wonderful pistol SO damned hard to clean? I can clean five AR-15s in less time and with much less worry of damaging the weapons I am cleaning than when I clean my Buckmark!!!! My easiest and fastest to clean is the Ruger LCP!!! (15 minutes to take apart, clean and re-assemble!) SWEETNESS!

    Cheers and thanks for the great info!

    Richard A. Meyer, Lt Col, USAF

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