Bump-Resistant Deadbolt Locks

Even though you realize your home is not an impregnable fortress you probably still put locks on your doors and windows.  They won’t keep a determined intruder out but they should slow him down and/or force him to make some noise to break in.  However, if you didn’t pay a premium for your locks then odds are they can be opened in seconds by even an unskilled child using a simple method known as bumping.

Granted, locks alone don’t secure a house, but they should at least put up a fight.  If you are robbed and there is no sign of forced entry you will have a hard time getting an insurance payout.

Bump-resistant locks will cost at least $100 apiece.  I bought a set of Medeco Maxum deadbolts here at that price.


One Response to Bump-Resistant Deadbolt Locks

  1. federalist says:

    KwikSet recently released a new “SmartKey” lock which looks worth checking out.

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