Steel Penetration of .223 bullets

Here is what happens when you shoot 5/16″ steel plate with various rifle rounds from 25 yards.

On the left is a 69 grain BTHP .223 with a velocity of roughly 2600fps; it fails to penetrate the plate.  Next is the impact from a 55 grain FMJ .223 (about 3100fps) which punches clean through.  I even found the divot it knocked out, which I placed below the hole for the picture.  On the far right is the hole left by a 150gr FMJ .308 bullet.

5/16″ steel shot with .223 and .308 bullets.

Here is a view from the back of the plate.

5/16″ steel shot with rifles

On this angled view you can see the size of the divot, and also the dent made by the round that failed to penetraate.

5/16″ steel shot with .223 bullets.

Here is the side view.

5/16″ steel shot with .223 and .308 — top view.


4 Responses to Steel Penetration of .223 bullets

  1. wardsurvival says:

    Thank you for the Penetration tests on steel with the 223 I really apreciate the info
    Ward’s Survival

  2. […] also found a couple of amateur tests of various bullets against some kind of steel: rifle and […]

  3. daiofalltrades says:

    That’s plate steel, right, not mild steel? There is a difference. Steel is not steel just as bullets aren’t bullets.

  4. federalist says:

    It’s mild steel plate — structural, for welding. I’m not an expert but I suppose it is not as hard as “armor plate” one would like to use to specifically defend against bullets and shrapnel. But it’s a lot easier to find 😉

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